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#GR18 : Hip-Hop

It’s already the 3rd day in the 3rd month of 2018 (a.k.a. Twenty-Great-Teen)! Time to churn out some fresh mixtapes for your listening pleasure. Introducing the #GR18 mixtape series. Fist stop: Hip-Hop (view the tracklist here)

2018 Couples’ Choice Awards Winner!

Many thanks to WeddingWire for honoring Covenant Child Productions with this award. It’s the 5th time we’ve won, and it feels brand new every time! We couldn’t have made it without our awesome clients who entrusted us with the entertainment at their events, and were kind enough to leave stellar reviews afterwards. Thank you for …

Why I Stopped Making Mixtapes

“It’s either ‘get into them’ and be a legend of all time, or ‘get into yourself’ and be a legend in your own mind”. ~ Grandmaster Flash People always ask me for mixtapes all the time. They ask for a number of reasons – to check out my style, sample my music collection, for work-out …