MY PEACE IN THE STORM :: THE MIXTAPE by KING KAYThe Mixtape’s finally here! The official precursor to King Kay‘s debut album, TWO WORLDS COLLIDE (coming out August 2011). CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE MIXTAPE!

Born as Kayode Enwerem in Kaduna, Nigeria, King Kay is a talented artist with a deep passion for music as a whole. With his unique voice, flow, delivery and song writing ability, King Kay’s vision is to reach individuals all across the world and enlighten them about Gods infinite mercy and grace through music. King Kay wants to demonstrate that God is not a respecter of persons, and HE can use anyone that is willing and humbly wants to be used.

With a vast and vivid future ahead of him and his debut album coming out in a few weeks, King Kay is focused and has made himself available to be used by His Heavenly Father. It was a pleasure hosting this mixtape, and we hope you enjoy listening to it! Check out a few tracks and download the full mixtape below.  Make sure you SPREAD THE WORD. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE MIXTAPE!

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