Numark Mixdeck – Review (1)

6 weeks and two gigs later, I’m ready to write my first review of the Numark Mixdeck.

While I was researching DJ controllers, I was looking for a sturdy yet affordable, all-in-one system that can handle multiple audio sources.  Fortunately, the Mixdeck does just that – plays CD/MP3 Discs, USB drives, Auxiliary inputs…even has an iPod dock.

As a software controller, the Mixdeck works very well.  I wish it worked better with Traktor Pro, and Traktor LE (which ships with the Mixdeck) is a little too limited for me.  Fortunately, it works with Virtual DJ.  With a few extra control assignments here and there, you have a near-perfect Virtual DJ controller!

A lot of the reviews I read prior to purchasing the Mixdeck questioned its sturdiness.  I think the Mixdeck is pretty solid and reliable.  I DJ’ed nearly 7 hrs straight a couple weeks ago, with no problems.   Of course, it is always advisable to get casing for your equipment, and Odyssey makes one specifically for the Mixdeck.

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