Numark Mixdeck – Review (2) (EDITED)

Here’s a short addition to my initial Mixdeck review:

1. Like many 2-deck controllers out there, Virtual DJ works pretty well with the Mixdeck from the get-go.  The only additional control assignment I did was to set the START/STOP knobs to the KEY and FILTER controls for each deck.

2. Notes on TRAKTOR PRO: I finally figured out a couple of things:
– You can cycle through the 3 effect channels by pressing the PARAMETER knob, and control them normally using the same knob, WET/DRY slider and FX button.
– You can switch the behavior of the 3 Hot Cue buttons between Hot Cueing and Looping by pressing the REC (or MODE) button. In Hot Cue mode, holding down the REC button and pressing one of the Cue buttons will delete that cue point.

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