NUMARK 4TRAK – Final Review

[EDITED JULY 19 ’13]

So…barely 3 weeks, 4 gigs & 2 mixtapes in, I decided to trade in my 4Trak.  Even though I absolutely LOVED using it, I had the following issues:

1. SOFTWARE COMPATIBILITY: When my Macbook mysteriously crashed the other day & I had to scramble for a backup, it became very clear that a Traktor-exclusive controller just won’t cut it for me

2. BUGS: I kept losing partial MIDI connection 30 – 45 minutes into each set (check out the video here). Tried 2 different laptops, messed around with latency settings…to no avail. Probably CPU overload, being a full-MIDI controller? Oh well…

I traded in the 4Trak for the NS6. They’re pretty much the same thing.  The NS6 ships with Itch, and custom mappings are available online for Virtual DJ & Traktor.

Looking forward, it may be in my best interest to get a separate, external sound card to handle audio processing, so that the NS6 functions solely as a MIDI controller. Putting a powered USB hub between my controllers & the computer may also be a good idea. That may have solved the issues with my 4Trak…anyway, I’m glad I have more software options with the NS6.

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