Numark Mixdeck – Final Review

Mixdeck + Kontrol X1

My FINAL review of the Numark Mixdeck! My next controller review will not feature the Mixdeck, as I’m moving on to something else.

It’s been a fun ride though.  I’m definitely a Numark fan!  The Mixdeck has been pretty sturdy and reliable. Served me through a lot of gigs, mixtape recordings, practice sessions…you name it!

Plus, to expand the effects controls, I added a Traktor Kontrol X1, which you can see in the pic (on the right of the Mixdeck).  This way, I could control multiple effects at once, control more cue points, and it serves as a handy secondary controller.

*UPDATE (Jul. 10 ’13) – I’ve since moved on to the Numark NS6 + Kontrol F1 combo.  Watch out for more reviews soon!