Numark Mixdeck – Review (4)

Since my first review about a year ago, my Mixdeck has taken quite a beating 🙂 But it’s been super reliable and I’ve grown pretty fond of it.

HOWEVER, over time I’ve noticed a couple of things:

1. The faders aren’t very strong, and my crossfader has popped out a few times. I guess a bit of crazy glue may do the trick…
2. During my last 2 gigs, there seemed to be a partial break in connection between my laptop and the Mixdeck, causing the music to pause for a split second. I say “partial” because, after the music stutters, I’m able to control everything normally. However, the Mixdeck LED’s freeze and stop responding to controls. Though the inconvenience is minimal, I’m concerned that this may indicate bigger issues.

***Nov 4 2012 – UPDATE: It was the USB cable that cased the connection break.  Switching the cable with a new one took care of that :-)**

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